About Me.

I started out working as an actress and model then a Burlesque dancer. I worked on movie sets, television commercials and in theatre but I felt dissatisfied. It was definitely fun but it was fickle and didn't have that 'soul purpose' I so craved in my creative practice. It wasn't until I had my baby girl and was forced to slow down and reflect on my life when I picked up the camera on a professional level. My modelling agency started to send me gorgeous models to shoot and I loved being behind the lens. As I got better I started fashion photography. The problem was, I wasn't really interested in the clothing which really isn't great if you are trying to make your mark as a fashion photographer. Don't get me wrong I LOVE fashion I just found myself more interested in my subject (that being the person not the clothing!). Portrait photography and interviewing is a way to bring stories of our time to life. Story telling is an ancient tradition and I'm grateful we have such incredible platforms to share these stories on and get them out there into the world! 

My goal is to bring stories to life and lucky for me everyone's got a unique story. Join me as I meet so many interesting humans along the way.....