My Story.


About Me.

I started out working in front of the lens. I studied acting at NIDA then went on to work on television commercials, theatre sets, movie sets and commercial photo-shoots. It was on set that I discovered my love for photography and film. I became obsessed with asking questions about how the photographer did this or that or achieved the shot. I realised when I fell pregnant with my little wild child Sophia that I had time to pick up the camera and start taking photos. It came quickly - After all I had nearly a decade of training.

My modelling agency sent me beautiful girls to shoot and I loved coming up with the creative direction and working with the natural light to achieve the images I imagined in my mind. I now work with all sorts of people. I love being able to capture the energy and mood of my subject.

I shoot a range of different styles including: portraits, model portfolios, live music photography and BHS and food and beverage.

My style of photography is natural beauty. Bringing out the best in each of my subject. Working with light to achieve different aesthetic visions and making sure to have a relaxed and comfortable experience. 

My Blog ‘Along the Way’ is about the people I meet as a photographer along the way. I am lucky that I get to meet some really inspiring individuals as a photographer. I’m drawn to people who stand up for their own inner-truth who are living life as an individual and have not succumbed to the pressures we all feel from industries and a world that forgets we are unique and have something inspiring to offer that goes beyond the material world. Despite it being a hard choice the people that still stand true to who they really inspire me and push me to make choices that align with my deeper purpose. My intention is to share these stories with as many people as I can so they too can stand true.