about me.

I’m the most curious person you’ll ever meet. I want to try everything, be everyone, and am always on the move. I’ve had a few different career paths to get me to this place today and I have to say it’s good to be here.

I finished school and was determined law school was going to be my destiny only to realise law to me was sleep time. I literally could not keep my eyes open anytime I opened a legal book. To this day if I have issues sleeping I just pull out the old ‘contracts and torts’ papers and before I know it I’m out cold. I’m afraid I found it incredibly boring. So I ended up studying fashion design and textiles. I graduated and became a fashion publicist, then an actress, a model, a cafe owner, a professional burlesque dancer and now a photographer and mum to my wild child Sophia.

Sophia like most little ones is full of energy and it’s kind of mellowed me out a little. I’ve gone from wanting to be everyone and do everything to delving deeper into just one creative path - Photography.

I started my blog ‘Along the Way’ in 2018. Staying curious and creative with my camera in hand has given me the opportunity to meet some very interesting and inspiring people and instead of just writing about it in a journal at home I thought I’d share it with all the other curious cats out there because conversations and stories have always helped me feel inspired, uplifted and in love with this wild ride we call life.


Penelope x

Photo by Alicia Rose.

Photo by Alicia Rose.